Post: Unlock the Power of Keywords: Top 13 Free SEO Tools


In today’s competitive digital landscape, a strong SEO strategy is crucial for website visibility and success. One aspect that cannot be overlooked in this regard is keyword research. In this article, we dive into 13 highly effective and free tools that can help you find high-performing keywords and optimize your content for better results.

Discovering Hidden Gems With Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a valuable resource for finding untapped keyword opportunities. By navigating to the “Performance” tab or “Search Results” tab for eligible Discover sites, you can view impressions data for various keywords – even those you didn’t intentionally try to rank for.

To uncover interesting possibilities, add a filter by clicking the + sign, select query…, choose “query containing,” and enter an interrogative word like “how.” This will help you identify keywords where your site ranks low on Google and may need additional focus. Consider using words like ‘best,’ ‘alternative,’ and ‘for’ to improve your search results.

Uncovering Less Competitive Keywords with LowSpotCount

LowSpotCount is a freemium tool that helps zero in on relevant keywords with lower competition levels. You have 10 free credits upon registration, which can be used for keyword analysis. Input your site URL or competitors’ maximum Domain Authority (DA) to refine the search results. You also have the option to exclude specific keywords or adjust settings based on your own DA.

Generate an Abundance of Keyword Ideas with can generate hundreds of related keywords from a single entry. To customize your search, click “advanced” to select the desired country, language, and add prefixes or suffixes for even more keyword variations. This tool presents search volumes and related keywords to help you make informed decisions in crafting your SEO strategy.

Tejji: Multi-platform Keyword Suggetions

Tejji is a versatile solution that provides keyword suggestions for Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Apple platforms. Simply enter your keyword, choose your language and datacenter, and click search. Keep in mind, occasionally, Tejji may provide English keywords even if set to another language – making it more suitable for certain users.

Backlink Monitoring and Keyword Research with Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, developed by Neil Patel, offers both backlink monitoring and keyword research capabilities. By entering your primary keyword and completing the captcha, the tool generates a list of 100 keywords or 30 related questions. You can sort these results by broad match, exact match, exact phrases, or related keywords, providing a valuable resource for generating content ideas.

Google Keyword Planner: A Must-Have Tool for All Marketers

Google Keyword Planner, accessible through the Google Ads interface, allows users to analyze monthly search volumes, competition, and suggested bids for specific keywords – all for free. It requires a Google Ads account, but no active campaign is needed to use it.

Additional Free Tools to Boost Your Keyword Game

  • AnswerThePublic – Generates popular questions based on your input keywords, providing excellent inspiration for blog topics.
  • Soovle – Showcases keyword suggestions from various platforms (Google, Bing, YouTube) in a single interface.
  • Keyword Sheeter – Delivers an extensive list of related keywords based on your input, perfect for brainstorm sessions.

The Road to Keyword Success Starts Here

While finding the right keywords may seem like a daunting task, it’s crucial for optimizing your website content and driving traffic. By leveraging these free tools, you can be well on your way to SEO success and improved website visibility. Keep experimenting, refining your strategy, and most importantly, staying up-to-date with industry trends for the best results.